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Orthodontic Group Associates LTD

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"I would highly recommend this practice. Having straight teeth was something I only dreamed about. After turning them down as a young teen, I always wanted to revisit the idea in my young adult years. I was recommended to Dr. Welser by a coworker who was treated as a young boy. After the consultation this practice was my top choice. At 24 years old I began my Invisalign treatment. From the start, I felt comfortable and welcomed. Just from observation, every staff member provided each patient with the best service imaginable. Each person in the practice genuinely cares for their patient. I felt like I was part of one big family! That feeling made the whole process much easier. Dr. Welser and staff ensured I was well educated and did not leave clueless or unsure about the upcoming weeks. I was never surprised because the plan was well executed and communicated throughout. Every appointment, I understood what was needed of me and what was upcoming. This made my overall confidence level that much higher. Without their help I do not know if I would have made it. Now that I am finished, a year and a half later, I can smile proudly AND often! Although a lot of effort was required on my end, without the guidance and support from everyone I may have never finished this journey. Because of that, I will be forever grateful!"


" I am so happy with the way I was treated! At every appointment, I was treated like family and I always felt that my time was as important as anyone elses. I never had to wait when I had appointments. They were always on time or even early. The doctors and assistants are awesome. Everything was always explained well and I always felt welcome, and that means a lot in this world today. I was not “just a number”. I can smile with pride now because I have a great smile with straight teeth. Thank You!! "

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